On a quest to expand the reach of traditional real estate, two seasoned and design-forward sisters forge the maison group, a team that sets a new standard in real estate. Branching off of Toronto's premier full-service private brokerage GATE Real Estate Inc., the maison group prides itself in its innovative social and digital marketing to ensure your home does not go unnoticed. With nothing but helping you find your dream maison in mind, this team is dedicated to creating a simple and seamless experience for their clients with the highest level of service and a fresh, progressive approach. 


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we have all dreamt of our dream home, whether it was in the heart of the city or atop the vast rural greenery or on a far away beach somewhere. we have all dreamt of our dream home, but most of us begin to settle for what's right in front of us. the thing is,  what's right in front of us can be made into whatever we please. our home is our canvas. what we strive to do is put a stop to your endless dreaming and a start to your future. making the experience as smooth and seamless as possible, we will help you bring your vision to life and won't stop until you find the house that screams "home." we've got you covered, and we know what you want. pardon our french but, we're just that damn good.















what's different about themaisongroup is our keen eye for detail and aesthetic. the real estate industry does not have the prettiest face, and that's because not a lot of agents are equipped with digital and social marketing/trend upkeep. it's the era of millennials, which automatically makes it the era of aesthetic. consistency and branding is extremely important. what we bring to the table is our guarantee of your properties digitalization and exposure on all possible social media outlets. not only that, but with our brand appeal, we will ensure your home is advertised to our standards. first impressions matter. we want you to love what you see as soon as you see it, not a few showings later. we try and make sure that what you see, is in fact what you get. we also niche in pre-construction condos, making it our priority to get you the best deal with the best perks. how do we do that? by being extremely involved in the condominium market and working alongside developers and brokers to get you all the details so you know what you're investing in. let us do all the work and simply meet us at closing --- bubbly on us, cheers!


ma maison est ta maison

say goodbye to mi casa — say hello to mi maison





Daman Dhaliwal

Born into the Real Estate Industry, I have been part of running a successful real estate business alongside my family. Becoming a Real Estate Sales Representative at the age of 18 and a Real Estate Broker not too long after, I am passionate about Real Estate and strive to provide my clients with a seamless transaction. With extensive experience in both selling and leasing properties across the GTA, I have successfully traded in the purchase and sale of properties in Niagara Falls, Belleville, Clearview and Pickering. I believe in no limits and look to expand my business internationally. Contact me for the ultimate GATE Experience before making your next investment in your dream maison.





Sophie Dhaliwal

Born and raised in and around real estate since before I knew how to walk, I've played a pretty great part in our now successful family-owned brokerages. Having learned the tips and tricks inside-out, I can guarantee a smooth, flawless transaction with multiple millennial perks, including social and digital marketing so your home gets across-the-board exposure. As a part of the industry's newest brand, and a team built from the roots up [literally], I am dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience whilst working with me. If anyone knows how special purchasing a new home is, it's the maison group. 





Luna the Yorkshire

As a recent addition to the family, I've had my fair share of experience in real estate. Having lived in Downtown, Toronto for over a year now, I've experienced the pet-related struggles, and boy do I wish others knew what I knew. That's why I am bringing my pet-expertise to the game to ensure that all dog-moms and dads find the perfect pet-friendly home for their little ones. Let me walk you around town for a change and find you your dream dog maison! 


la maison de tes rêves

help us help you discover the house of your dreams


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